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Monday, 2 May 2011

Introductions...Tash xx

First day of RAFW seems crazy to introduce myself to all of you lovely ladies for the first time officially. 

But helloo to all of our new and old loyal fans!! We wanted to start our own personal diary to give you all a sneak peek on who we are and what we do so keep your eyes peeled on this blog for all the latest from all of the Audrey's behind the scenes.

As the Managing Editor of BWA it is my job to organize all the words behind the scenes and keep our contributors motivated. Anyways...enough about me!

PHEW. What a day! I was very close to pulling off my heels in the final stretch but I hung on (thank god- Sydney CBD is not my first choice for barefoot action).

RAFW Day 1 was a crazy mess of fashion, wine bar, media room, waiting, celeb spotting (Suzie Bubble, Tommy Ton, Mr. Street Peeper, Ricky Lee Coulter, and Jess Gomez to name a few), and blogger - spotting. It was great to catch up with some tweeps and put faces to the twitter names. 

Rumour has it that Kayne himself may make a front row appearance (we can only hope for some amazing Taylor Swift-esque incident) and Katy Perry might pop in while she is in town. 

Right now I have just arrived home and all of the girls are on email furiously uploading our galleries and reviews (read them all HERE).

So much more to come, I am slightly delirious from the day so I promise I will be more coherent and witty come morning :)

Below is my outfit for the day:  

Top: Thrifted, Skirt: Jayson Brunsdon, Vest: Melinda and Narina ,Bag: Alexander Wang, Jewellery: Pushmahaata and Lovisa, Shoes: Some little boutique in Melbs. 

See my blooper reel sneaky shot with one of my best girls Caroline (our top Contributor) below. 

On a less related note to my outfit here is one of my fave behind the scenes shot, done by our amazing multi tasking photographers Sam Armstrong and James Wright (to whom the outfit shots also are credited). 

Signing off- more to come!

Tash xx

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