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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

They call me mellow yellow (Koala)

That Caramello Koala ad will never get out of my head- its been 12 years for gods sake! (Please tell me someone remembers that ad with Mr Caramello K floating down a caramel river?). This post title does actually tie in- in reference to my mustard yellow Fleur Wood top you will peep further down.

The pressure is sort of on to think up witty, succinct and effortlessly cool blogpost titles- promise I will up my game in the next post. (eep! pressure on!).

Yesterday ended up being cray cray (in a good way) so I couldn't get round to updating anything.

So I bring you RAFW Day 3 and 4 sum up in all in one, like a delightful adults onesie- probably better for you all to digest my ramblings in one post.

You know what? Nothing is better than a good dot point list (I am a sucker for lists, just ask my boyfriend) so see below for my summary of the last two days

- Best Shows: Magdalena Velevska, Zimmerman and Sara Phillips
- Loves: Meeting my tweeps in person, Free coffee in the media room, peeping Facehunter/Suzie Bubble/Phil Oh/Gorgeous Bloggers.
- Likes: Minimal rain, devilish choc croissants and a much needed end of day Vino at the Rosemount VIP bar, on time shows!
-Dislikes: Lack of party feet, stolen taxi's, stressing over the next day's outfit (i need to plan better!!!).

I dont have ALL my fave looks to show you yet and I want to give you a peep into the backstage action we got going awn (its amazing, we have an amazeballs photography team!).

This was one of my fave looks from Sara Phillips:

Day Two it was fairly chilly so i opted for a vesticular/pantaloon option.

Bag: Alexander Wang, Shoes: ASOS, Pants: Jayson Brunsdon, Top: Fleur Wood, Vest: Melinda and Narina.

Today was actually beautiful and sunny for the vast majority of the day and it was FAB. I thought I would get a bit arty on you guys and get my "smize" on for you- its my RAFW gift to you all.

Dress: Seventh Wonderland, Jacket: Cassette Society, Shoes: ASOS, Nails: Shellac Bar (in love!), Ring: Lovisa, Watch: Vintage Omega (gifted from my Grandad). 

Peace out homies! Stay tuned tomorrow, hopefully you will all meet Pip!

Tash xx

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